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Why Science Needs a Scout Mindset

Scout or soldier? When it comes to our opinions and beliefs, there's a bit of both in all of us. But which mindset is more beneficial? On this ID The Future, host Andrew McDiarmid welcomes Dr. Jonathan McLatchie to discuss the characteristics of a scout mindset and how it relates to the debate over evolution and the evidence for intelligent design. Get full show notes at Read More ›
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A Battle of Predictions: Junk DNA’s ‘Kuhnian’ Paradigm Shift

Prevailing scientific assumptions often die hard, especially when they fit so neatly into an evolutionary view of the development of life on earth. On this episode of ID The Future from the archive, Dr. Casey Luskin gives host Andrew McDiarmid the scoop on one of the biggest mistakes in science of our lifetime: the concept of "junk DNA." Even if you’ve already heard this episode, listen again, and then share it with a friend! The myth of junk DNA is a major example of why a Darwinian paradigm can slow the progress of science, while a design perspective can open up new avenues for research and discovery. Find additional show notes at Read More ›
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Enjoy an Exclusive Reading From Maverick Scientist

Curiosity can lead to unexpected adventures. For self-taught scientist Forrest Mims, it inspired a successful career in science and technology. On this ID The Future, host Andrew McDiarmid reads an exclusive excerpt from Mims’s new memoir Maverick Scientist: My Adventures as an Amateur Scientist. Also: don't miss our two-part interview with Forrest Mims about his memoir! Read More ›
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Online Course Explores History of Science and Christianity

Did Christianity help or hinder the rise of science? On this ID The Future, host Andrew McDiarmid speaks with Dr. Melissa Cain Travis about her latest online course Science & Christianity: An Historical Exploration. The live 6-week course offered this spring gives a small cohort of students the opportunity to dive into the historical relationship between science and Christianity and the skill to address the distorted historical narratives that persist in the contemporary conversation. Read More ›

Biochemist Michael Behe On Off-Roading in a Jeep to Teach Biology

Biochemist and bestselling author Michael Behe will go to great lengths to teach us about the stunning complexity and engineering prowess found in the living cell! In this clip from the ID The Future podcast, Professor Behe tells host Andrew McDiarmid about one of his favorite scenes to shoot in his popular video series Secrets of the Cell.


Frightening Abuses of Science: A Conversation with Wesley J. Smith

Experiments on the living unborn. Organ harvesting. Reckless biotech. Radical environmentalism. These are not horror stories playing at your local movie theater. They’re playing out in labs, hospitals, and institutes across America. On this episode of ID The Future, host Andrew McDiarmid speaks with bioethicist Wesley J. Smith about frightening abuses of science being done in the name of progress. Read More ›


How to Glorify God in Your Family with Social Media (2023 Dallas Conference on Science and Faith)

How do you keep your family safe from the dangers of social media and other technologies? How can you use technology to promote human flourishing rather than dehumanization? Cultural commentator Andrew McDiarmid explores the answers to these questions and more. This talk took place at the 2023 Dallas Conference on Science and Faith. Andrew McDiarmid is Director of Podcasting and Read More ›