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Science of The Soul: Evaluating Dualism and Naturalism

Mind Matters
Pat Flynn
Stewart Goetz and Charles Taliaferro
Audio File (37.36M)

In this episode of Mind Matters, host Pat Flynn concludes his discussion about substance dualism with experts Dr. Stewart Goetz and Dr. Charles Taliaferro. Goetz and Taliaferro discuss the nature of the soul and some of the tenets of substance dualism. They explore the motivations behind naturalism and scientism and the challenges faced by these worldviews in explaining consciousness and mental causation. They also address objections to substance dualism, such as the causal interaction problem and the assumption of causal closure in science. The conversation highlights the importance of considering the role of the mind in scientific inquiry and the limitations of reductionist approaches. The speakers also mention their current projects and publications. This is Part 3 of a three-part conversation. Catch up on the first two at the links below.

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