Sean Mixon

Sean Mixon is a native Texan from Dallas. He is the youngest of three brothers, and was educated within the Dallas Independent School District. He was very curious as a kid, collecting rocks, asking many questions, and was noted for being outspoken and a fearless conversationalist as a kid. Sean is a Christian, raised within the Holiness Pentecostal denomination. It was within this context that he began to study scripture and theology.

In high-school, Sean attended Booker T. Washington HSPVA in Dallas, a magnet school for the performing and visual arts, studying theater. After high-school, Sean attended Cedar Valley College, a community college where he received two associates degrees, one in liberal arts, the other in music composition. After graduating from Cedar Valley College, Sean attended the University of Texas at Arlington where he studied philosophy. Graduating with his bachelor in 2012, he pursued a Master of Philosophy, graduating in 2020. Sean was the first recipient of the prestigious Albert Schweitzer Fellowship, becoming a lifetime fellow for his community development project focused on improving literacy rates among 8th graders in public school.

After completing graduate school, Sean was hired in with Dallas College to teach philosophy. He is currently enrolled into a graduate program in theology with Dallas Theological Seminary and applying to a PhD program in philosophy. Sean is a husband of 15 years and a father of three beautiful children. He has a mission to promote critical thinking using logic education and fulfills this mission through weekly interviews, book studies, analyses, and commentary on his Youtube channel, Thought Decoder with Sean Mixon. His goal is to start a media company where ideas related to faith and science, Christian philosophy and theology, and logic are clearly communicated with animation, visuals and real-world examples.