Titus Kennedy

Fellow, Center for Science and Culture

Dr. Titus Kennedy is a field archaeologist working primarily with sites and materials of the ancient Near East and the Mediterranean world. He has been involved in archaeological projects at 18 sites spanning 6 countries, including directing and supervising multiple projects from the Bronze Age through the Byzantine period, and has also conducted artifact research at museums and collections around the world. He earned his doctorate from the University of South Africa in Biblical Archaeology with an emphasis on archaeological demographics, MA degrees from the University of Toronto and the University of South Africa, and a BA from Biola University. He is a research fellow at the Discovery Institute, an adjunct professor at Biola University, editor of the Near Eastern Archaeological Society bulletin, and has been a consultant, writer, and guide for history and archaeology documentaries and curricula, including Drive Thru History® and Bible Unearthed™. He has written numerous articles about biblical archaeology and history, and is the author of Unearthing the Bible, Excavating the Evidence for Jesus, and The Essential Archaeological Guide to Bible Lands.


What Archaeology Reveals about the Historicity of the Exodus (2023 Dallas Conf. on Science & Faith)

Archeologist Titus Kennedy and philosopher of science Stephen Meyer explore what the science of archeology reveal about the historicity of the exodus of Jews from Egypt. Is the exodus a myth? Or is there evidence it really occurred? This session took place at the 2023 Dallas Conference on Science and Faith sponsored by Discovery Institute. Check out Dr. Kennedy’s newest book, The Essential Archaeological Guide to Bible Lands (Harvest House) – https://www.amazon.com/Essential-Arch… And Join us for THIS year’s Dallas Conference on Science and Faith on Feb. 17, 2024: https://www.discovery.org/e/dallas2024/ Titus Kennedy is a field archaeologist working primarily with sites and materials of the ancient Near East and Mediterranean world. He earned his doctorate

The Essential Archaeological Guide to Bible Lands

Uncovering Biblical Sites of the Ancient Near East and Mediterranean World
Insightful Archaeological Context. Illuminated Historicity. While the historical accuracy of the Bible has long been a topic of debate and has fallen under increased scrutiny in recent decades, new archaeological discoveries from an expanding host of ancient sites found in Bible lands continue to provide evidence pertinent to questions of reliability. The Essential Archaeological Guide to Bible Lands offers the most geographically extensive overview of archaeological sites from all of the regions relevant to the biblical narratives. With information from excavations and research both old and new, this thorough guide from archaeologist and professor Dr. Titus Kennedy features more than 200 full-color photos that show  ancient ruins and bring the Bible to life extensive

Excavating the Evidence for Jesus

The Archaeology and History of Christ and the Gospels
Examine the Evidence Surrounding Jesus No other figure has impacted history like Jesus. Yet today, he’s often seen as a mythical character whose legend increased over time. So what does the historical and archaeological evidence say about Jesus? Archaeologist Dr. Titus Kennedy has investigated firsthand the discoveries connected to Jesus’ birth, ministry, crucifixion, and resurrection. He has visited and excavated where Jesus walked, and examined the artifacts connected to Jesus’ life. Here, he presents an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of the research and findings that illuminate the historicity of Christ as presented in the Bible. Excavating the Evidence for Jesus progresses chronologically through the Gospels, noting the many relevant archaeological, historical,

Unearthing the Bible

101 Archaeological Discoveries That Bring the Bible to Life
Unearthing the Bible: 101 Archaeological Discoveries that Bring the Bible to Life, from Dr. Titus M. Kennedy, is a visual guide to 101 objects that provide compelling evidence for the historical reliability of the bible from the dawn of civilization through the early church. Gathered from more than 50 museums, private collections, and archaeological sites, these pieces not only reinforce the reliability of the biblical narratives, but also provide rich cultural insights into the ancient world. The Bible has long been dismissed as a book of myths, legends, fairy tales, and propaganda. Yet when we examine the archaeological evidence, its accuracy comes to light. Far from being a boring textbook, Dr. Kennedy’s photographs and detailed descriptions in Unearthing the Bible enable you to