Stephen J. Iacoboni

Stephen J. Iacoboni, MD, is an award-winning cancer researcher and has been a practitioner of medical oncology for forty years. In his personal memoir, The Undying Soul, he chronicled his spiritual journey and return to faith. In his latest book, Telos: The Scientific Basis for a Life of Purpose, he offers a unique reconciliation between faith and science. Please feel free to visit him at


Illuminating the Power of Life

That which is unique to life alone, which offers the only valid explanation of irreducible complexity, is the manifestation of goal-directed functional logic.

Is Natural Law Irreducible?

Perhaps the most fundamental distinction between naturalism and intelligent design is where each metaphysical framework draws the line at irreducibility.

How to Overcome Scientism

Descartes is one of the founding fathers of Western science. And the conversion from medieval scholasticism to Cartesian dualism propelled science dramatically. 

Emergence by Design

The originators of the concept were two 19th-century British philosopher-scientists, John Stuart Mill and George Henry Lewes.

The Elephant in the Science Lab

I have been seeking to describe the science of purpose. Now it is worth getting down to the basics of what science actually is and how it works.