Ann Gauger

Senior Fellow, Center for Science and Culture

Dr. Ann Gauger is Director of Science Communication and a Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute Center for Science and Culture, and Senior Research Scientist at the Biologic Institute in Seattle, Washington. She received her Bachelor's degree from MIT and her Ph.D. from the University of Washington Department of Zoology. She held a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University, where her work was on the molecular motor kinesin.

Her research at Biologic Institute has focused on two areas: the limits of neo-Darwinism as a mechanism for change at the protein level, and evidence for the uniqueness of human origins. As Director of Science Communication, she is responsible for communicating the evidence for intelligent design to the wider public.

She serves as an editor of the journal BIO-Complexity, and her scientific work has been published in Nature, Development, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Genetic Regulation of Development, In Vitro, In Vitro Cell and Developmental Biology, BIO-Complexity, and Biological Information: New Perspectives. She has coauthored the book Science and Human Origins and appeared in the documentaries, Metamorphosis, Flight, and The War on Humans. Her web posts appear regularly on Evolution News and Views, and she writes for other on-line and print publications as well.

She and her husband of twenty-six years are proud parents of three young adults.

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