John Bloom

Fellow, Center for Science and Culture

John Bloom is a Fellow of Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture and a Professor of Physics at Biola University in La Mirada, California. He serves as the Academic Director for Biola’s M.A. in Science and Religion program (MASR), which he founded in 2004, and previously served as Chair of the Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering Department. Dr. Bloom teaches a variety of undergraduate courses in Physics and graduate courses in the MASR. His research interests include the integration of Christianity with the sciences, and apologetics.


John Bloom on the Match that Lit the Scientific Revolution

On today’s ID the Future Biola University physicist John Bloom discusses his chapter in the recent anthology The Comprehensive Guide to Science and Faith, co-edited by host Casey Luskin. Bloom’s focus in his contributed chapter is the pivotal role of Christianity in the rise of science. Bloom, the academic director of Biola’s master’s program in science and religion, draws on his PhD training in physics but also on his PhD in ancient Near Eastern studies and his study of the history of science. Here he argues that while the Babylonians and Greeks contributed some discoveries and insights that would eventually play into the rise of science, science did not take off, was not born, until a cluster of crucial ideas drawn from the Judeo-Christian worldview infused Western thought.