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A transgender flag being waved at LGBT gay pride march
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Judicial Rationality: Court OKs Law Banning Transgender Puberty Blocking

In the end—as with so many of our societal controversies—the legal parameters of what constitutes acceptable treatment of these unfortunate gender-confused children will be another social hot potato decided by the nine justices of the Supreme Court. I’ll bet they can hardly wait. Read More ›
Teenager with a black board showing selection for gender identity pronouns - male, female and non-binary options
Teenager with a black board showing selection for gender identity pronouns - male, female and non-binary options

‘Gender Hybrid’ Children?

Gender ideology is growing increasingly extreme, particularly as it applies to children. Read More ›
Definition of word euthanasia in dictionary

The Whispers of Strangers

Today is my 76th birthday," the letter began. "Unassisted and by my own free will, I have chosen to take my final passage." Suicide. My friend Frances died in a cold, impersonal hotel room after taking an overdose of sleeping pills, with a plastic bag tied over her head suffocating the life out of her body. Read More ›
Colorful crayons and a symbol of a transgender
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The Patriarchy Doesn’t Hate Women but the Trans Movement Does

Let’s get real. While women do indeed still face obstacles to equal participation in society, the country has clearly chosen to embrace full female inclusion in every aspect of life. Indeed, the day when the late Phyllis Schlafly could successfully argue against the Equal Rights Amendment by claiming that women enjoy a “privileged place” in law and society as homemakers and mothers, is long gone. Read More ›
woman getting ultrasound diagnostic from doctor
woman getting ultrasound diagnostic from doctor

Sacrificing Pre-Natal Wellness on the Altar of Trans Ideology

By taking pregnant women who identify as men off testosterone during pregnancy, doctors are placing the safety of babies above the feelings of the mother. This, despite a lack of empirical data about the impact of testosterone on gestating babies. Read More ›
March for Life

How Assisted Suicide Advocacy Overturned Roe v. Wade

Reversing pro-abortion beliefs could take decades. But then, so too did the great democratic struggle to reverse the great injustice of Roe v. Wade. In bringing the country to this portentous moment, the pro-life movement has taken its place in the grand tradition of social activism that is a hallmark of the American experience. Read More ›
homeless encampment
A homeless encampment sits on a street in Downtown Los Angeles, California, USA.
A homeless encampment sits on a street in Downtown Los Angeles, California, USA.

UN-Sponsored Report Would Destroy Communities by Gutting Criminal Law

If you like the chaos and criminality unleashed in some of our greatest cities by progressive district attorneys refusing to enforce the criminal law, you will love the “reforms” a new UN-sponsored report advocates for the entire world. Read More ›
Terri Schiavo Protest

Terri Schiavo Case Was a Culture-of-Death Tipping Point

The court-ordered death of Terri Schiavo was an ominous cultural tipping point. The legal case began when Terri’s husband Michael Schiavo applied to remove the feeding tube from his profoundly cognitively disabled wife so that she would die by dehydration. When Terri’s parents Bob and Mary Schindler, joined by her siblings Bobby and Suzanne, fought the plan in court, profoundly important cultural and legal battle lines were drawn that were destined to change the country. Read More ›