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Poli-Sci and the Liberal Professorate

Professor Matthew Manweller at the Gorton Summer Lecture Series talks about the collegiate educational system today. He discusses the failure of colleges to educate students–instead, he suggests, they indoctrinate them. Dr. Manweller notes how tenure creates a homogeneity within academia and how students are then leaving higher education ill-prepared to be thriving U.S. citizens.

Proselytizing for Darwin’s God in the Classroom

For years supporters of Darwin’s theory claimed to oppose teaching religion in the nation’s science classrooms. But just in time for Darwin Day 2008, leading evolution proponents including the National Academy of Sciences, the Public Broadcasting Service, and the National Center for Science Education are cynically promoting religious instruction in schools as a way of defusing opposition to Darwinian evolution.

Join Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Dr. John West, author of Darwin Day in America (ISI Books), as he presents a tale of hypocrisy and hubris on the part of leading Darwinists and examines how they are willing to undermine the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause to promote their views. This event is being taped for broadcast on the web as part of the ID the Future Darwin Day broadcast on Darwin Day, February 12.

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Race Has No Place in Seattle Schools

For all the praise and criticism surrounding the Supreme Court decision against the Seattle school district’s racial tiebreaker, not enough has been said about the policy’s impact on students of all races — how students before the litigation were denied the choice of a neighborhood high school, and how hundreds of future students, had the School Board prevailed, would have Read More ›

Homeschooled Children – Social Butterflies or Social Misfits?

This article, published by PR Web, mentions Discovery Institute: In July 2000, the Discovery Institute, a Seattle-based think-tank, published an extensive report on homeschooling written by Senior Fellow Dr. Patricia Lines. She describes several controlled studies comparing the social skills of homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers. The rest of the article can be found here.

Traipsing into Evolution

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A clear solution to the debate over biological origins has evaded scientists and philosophers for millennia. Since the ancient Greeks, thousands of pages of debate from scholars on all sides have yielded two types of answers: those which invoke only material causes and those which explore the possibility that intelligence had a direct role in shaping life. Yet in 2005, one United States federal judge thought he could settle this longstanding question of science and philosophy once and for all. Read More ›