Report: Homelessness Data Reveal Reasons for Collapse of King County Outreach Program

A study from the Fix Homelessness Initiative of Discovery Institute reveals the expensive failure of the government to run a now-defunct downtown outreach program in Seattle funded by the region’s leading foundations and corporations. It also reveals a lack of transparency from non-profits receiving millions in contracts from King County to address homelessness. Read More ›
Homeless man sitting on the street, generative ai
Homeless man sitting on the street, generative ai

A Christian Approach to Treating Fentanyl Addiction

A California rescue mission rehabilitates people through love of God and fellowship. I spent four days and nights last month at the Orange County Rescue Mission, a Christian outfit serving the local homeless. I left with stories from 40 men and women about years of cycling through drug deals, arrests, jail, probation, parole violations, homelessness and prison. Andrew, 36, dropped Read More ›

Double Trouble
Double Trouble

Homeless by Tornado

Let’s look at causes of homelessness. Substance abuse is a big one through much of the U.S., but users like to be close to cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine dealers who rarely hang out in little cities: Amarillo, with 200,000 people 117 driving miles away from Perryton, is more like it. Read More ›

California, the Dream and the Nightmare

“The homeless are just like you and me.” That’s a politically correct assertion that doesn’t quite recognize the reality on the ground, such as the link between self-destructive behavior — most notably, substance abuse — and living on the street with no place to call home. California is home to 12% of America’s population, but 30% of the number “experiencing Read More ›

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What the Homeless Owe Us

Do we love our homeless countrymen and women enough to insist that as we provide roofs over their heads, they also diligently engage in programs to restore themselves to lives of dignity and personal self-respect? We often hear about what “we” — i.e., society —owe the homeless. But we rarely discuss what the unhoused owe us. It’s time for that Read More ›

American Captial Building.
American Captial Building.

Faith & Law: Compassion First, A Sensible Approach to America’s Homeless Crisis

Washington, D.C – Discovery President Steve Buri, Senior Fellow Robert Marbut, and Senior Fellow Wesley J. Smith spoke at a Faith and Law forum on Capitol Hill. Below is a summary from faithandlaw.org. Watch the forum and read more here. For nearly a decade, federal policies meant to address homelessness have centered around “Housing First,” which begins with an assumption that Read More ›

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To Fix Homelessness, Stop Fixating On Housing

Homelessness affects cities across the country, but it’s not just a local issue, though media cover it that way. Nor is homelessness mainly about housing; rather, it’s largely about untreated mental illness and drug addiction. Read More ›
Homeless person tent city on Chicago's Near West Side
Homeless person tent city on Chicago's Near West Side

Biden Takes on Homelessness With Bromides

There is no way to measure whether Biden's new plan has worked or failed. Doing something about homelessness is not the point. Speaking as if you really want to do something about homelessness is paramount.  Read More ›