What if you could reach millions this year with compelling evidence they and our universe were intelligently designed? 

You can by becoming a “Movie Producer” and donating to the Center for Science and Culture’s video production and promotion fund.

Since January of 2020, our YouTube channels alone have received more than 16 million new views. Through videos like Secrets of the Cell, Long Story Short, Science Uprising, and a partnership with PragerU, we are broadcasting content from world-class scientists and scholars like Stephen Meyer and Michael Behe.

No other organization is doing what we are doing. Be part of the solution. Become one of our “Movie Producers” and help us reach even more people in 2022!

As a thank you for donating at least $50 as a one-time online gift or starting a recurring gift of $50 or more online, we’ll send you a private link to see The Miracle of the Human Heart, a new short video featuring biologist Michael Denton to be released later this spring. Movie producers, after all, deserve special access!

As a private research and educational institute, Discovery Institute is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization (Tax ID #91-1521697). Becoming a donor at any level makes you a part of our ever-growing educational network and provides you with benefits throughout the year.

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To make a donation by mail, send your check payable to Discovery Institute at the address below. Note: if you give by mail, you won’t receive a link to the video.

CSC Video Production Campaign
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To make a gift by phone, to donate stock or other real property, or if you have questions about legacy giving, call 1-800-685-0632 x1260.

To modify or cancel an existing recurring donation, call 1-800-685-0632 x1260.

Privacy Policy

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