Pivot Points

Adventures on the Road to Christian Contentment, A MemoirMarvin Olasky

Whenever we pivot in life, freedom from fear requires either a colossal ego or a colossal God. Ego leads us to grab what is not ours. The path to contentment starts with faith in God. In this sequel to Lament for a Father, Marvin Olasky first describes his journey from Judaism to atheism to Marxism to Christ and then his adventures in evangelical, conservative, compassionate, and journalistic circles.

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A fascinating look at some of the most significant events of the past fifty years. Marvin shaped a generation of writers and editors as they faithfully sought to tell the stories of others. In Pivot Points, he tells his own. It may be the best one yet.

Warren Cole Smith, Editor, MinistryWatch

Marvin Olasky rides a bicycle from Boston to Oregon, lives as a homeless man to gather information about poverty, serves as an advisor to President G. W. Bush, and tutors a generation of young writers in an exotic concept—that the purpose of journalism is to tell the truth. It’s quite a ride and quite a read.

John R. Erickson, Author and Rancher

“In Marvin Olasky’s continuing memoir, we see grace spelled out for us in his life and are prompted to detect similar movements in our own. This is a short but potent testimony to the Hound of Heaven’s search for us.

Robert A. Sirico, Founder, Acton Institute

I am struck by the candor, courage, and Christlike focus of Marvin’s marvelous memoir. You will gain strength from the author’s courage amid trying circumstances. Most importantly, you will be amazed by the grace of God.

David Moore, Founder and President, Two Cities Ministries

In Pivot Points, you’ll read about a life redeemed and a life in journalism that has been full of integrity and honesty.

Cal Thomas, Syndicated Columnist

Marvin Olasky

Senior Fellow, Center for Science and Culture
Marvin Olasky is a Senior Fellow with Discovery Institute and its Center for Science and Culture. He taught at The University of Texas at Austin from 1983 to 2008 and edited WORLD magazine from 1992 through 2021. He is the author of 28 books including Fighting for Liberty and Virtue and The Tragedy of American Compassion.