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The Lewis Legacy-Issue 81, Summer 1999

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Books by Legacy Readers
* Nancy-Lou Patterson’s new fantasy for young adults, The Tramp Room, tells
of a young girl falling asleep in the Joseph Schneider Haus today and
awakening there in the 1850s. She experiences life in that Mennonite
community, learning about the simplicity, hard work, and artistry of that
culture. Trade paperback edition from Wilfrid Laurier University Press
(Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3C5. Tel. 519/884-0710×6124. E-mail
[email protected]).

* Joe Christopher’s 18-page chapbook C. S. Lewis: A Biography includes 10
poems about Lewis and bibliographic notes. Joe published 100 copies as part
of the centenary celebration. The first poem in the collection, “29
November 1898” begins with this refrain:
The holy man was born in Ireland–
On Belfast Lough, with waves against the strand.

* Eerdmans has re-released (in paperback) Corbin Scott Carnell’s superb
Bright Shadow of Reality: C. S. Lewis and the Feeling Intellect, re-titling
it Bright Shadow of Reality: Spiritual Longing in C. S. Lewis.

* Harold Shaw Publishers has released a revised, greatly expanded edition
of Kathryn Lindskoog’s How To Grow a Young Reader: Books from All Ages for
Readers of All Ages. This lively new edition, co-authored by Kathryn
Lindskoog and Ranelda Mack Hunsicker, is 392 pages long. It contains
information about more than 1,800 items ranging from classics to
biographies, mysteries to humor, poetry to audio books and multimedia
resources. Provident Book Finder: “Reading this book was almost as helpful
as taking a course in the history of children’s literature.” Bibliotheca
Sacra: “An entertaining and informative guide.” Librarian’s World: “Direct
and inspirational… An excellent help.” Needless to say, this book
emphasizes C. S. Lewis, the Narnian Chronicles, and related authors like
George MacDonald, Edith Nesbit, J. R. R. Tolkien, and Katherine Paterson.
For parents, teachers, and any lovers of wonderful books.