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The Lewis Legacy-Issue 78, Autumn 1998

The Price of Oxbridge Original Article

In addition to the cost of a flight to England, the cost for one person toattend both weeks at Oxbridge ’98 was $3150, This covered the $325
registration fee, $1550 tuition fee, and $1275 for room and board. (Room
and board included most breakfasts and dinners, but only a couple of

Thus it was difficult for those of ordinary means to participate without a
substantial scholarship. Even the price of admission to individual lectures
was so prohibitive that some people in Oxford who wanted to attend only one
or two lectures were unable to do so. This was immensely disappointing.

Nevertheless, because of the high cost of conducting a conference like
this, I doubt that the Foundation made a lot of money from it. The price
was not inordinate. (For one thing, there seemed to be many helpers there,
ranging from dorm captains to ushers, and they probably paid less than full
price. I expect that most of Stan Mattson’s financial profit from Oxbridge
’98 will be from follow-up activities among potential donors.