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The Lewis Legacy-Issue 78, Autumn 1998

Lewis in Two New Shows

Attendees at Oxbridge learned of a new Broadway-style musical review aboutC. S. Lewis set to premiere this fall in Great Britain. “Jack: A Musical
Portrait of C.S. Lewis in Music and Words” is slated to tour several cities
in the United Kingdom in November, with music supplied by a young Irish
composer named Keith Getty and lyrics written by Doug Gresham.

Songs include “Heaven Broke Through” and “Narnia Dream,” both of which were
performed at the conference. The lyrics to these pieces include such
memorable lines as “In Narnia dreaming/ becomes believing” and “Now that I
have found you/ I can’t live without you.” The script for the show was not
yet complete, and much work remained to be done before its premiere. Also,
negotiations were still underway to bring the show to the United States in
1999. No word was given on who is financing this endeavor.

Note: An album may be released by the end of 1998. For further information
about the musical portrayal contact Nick Page: phone 01959 523740; fax
01959 525011; email [email protected]

Although Oxbridge attendees learned about the forthcoming Getty-Gresham
musical, they were not informed about a forthcoming Lewis dance

Handsome ads and articles in British newspapers have announced “the
astonishing laser dance spectacular The Great Dance featuring Joss Ackland
as C. S. Lewis.” This 3.5 million show inspired by “Riverdance” is now
touring England, Wales and Scotland, and should open in London before