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The Lewis Legacy-Issue 61, Summer 1994

Remembering John Wain Oxford Professor of Poetry, Pupil of C. S. Lewis

The Sunday Telegraph, 15 January 1989
John Wain was born March 1925 and died 24 May 1994. Fellow-poet Peter Levi
wrote, “Who will speak of his sweetness, untidiness, scholarship, or deep,
deep generosity? Of the clarity and perfect phrasing of his letters, of
his genius for friendship?”

Wain described the relationship between Hooper and Lewis as like ivy
growing over a house.

On 22 June 1984 Steve Schofield and Kathryn Lindskoog visited John Wain in
Oxford. He had reviewed Moon and Sixpence for “The Listener” at BBC that
day. He was full of fun, served them tea, and autographed gift copies of
his book Professing Poetry.