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The Lewis Legacy-Issue 84, Spring 2000

Publisher's Note in Ireland

When I recieved a gift copy of Looking Backward, the first thing I read was the claim on the back cover that it included the first study of Lewis’s “Ulster novel.” I wrote to the publisher, the Institute of Irish Studies, and requested the insertion of a note to correct that. After an exchange of correspondence, the following note was inserted.In this book, both on the back cover and in the introduction (pviii para 2), it is claimed that this is the first volume to examine and give a detailed appraisal of CS Lewis’s unpublished ‘Ulster novel’. At the time of publication the publisher and author were unaware that this work was dealt with extensively in Light in the Shadowlands by Katherine Lindskoog (Multnomah Books, Sisters, Oregon, 1994) now published by Hope Publishing House, Pasadena, California.