Molecular model of interferon-gamma.jpg
Molecular model of interferon-gamma 3D illustration. IFN-gammaa is a protein produced by leukocytes and involved in innate immune responce against viral infections
Molecular model of interferon-gamma

Using statistical methods to model the fine-tuning of molecular machines and systems

Published in Journal of Theoretical Biology, Vol 501

Abstract: Fine-tuning has received much attention in physics, and it states that the fundamental constants of physics are finely tuned to precise values for a rich chemistry and life permittance. It has not yet been applied in a broad manner to molecular biology. However, in this paper we argue that biological systems present fine-tuning at different levels, e.g. functional proteins, complex biochemical machines in living cells, and cellular networks. This paper describes molecular fine-tuning, how it can be used in biology, and how it challenges conventional Darwinian thinking. We also discuss the statistical methods underpinning fine-tuning and present a framework for such analysis.

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