Three Simple Ways to Counter Academic Intolerance

How you can help in the wake of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

By now have probably been to see Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed in your local theater. If you have seen it, we hope you enjoyed the film and will encourage those you know to go see in the next week or two. If you haven’’t seen it, please take the time to see the film while it is still in the theaters. To find out where it is playing in your area go to

In Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed Ben Stein pointed out that America is supposed to believe in free speech, yet on the issues of evolution and intelligent design right now, there is precious little freedom of discussion. He discovered many examples of intolerant academics in the film, but most notably you saw that:

  • Iowa State University’’s Board of Regents denied tenure to gifted astronomer Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez. Dr. Gonzalez’’s crime? Co-authoring the book The Privileged Planet, which presents scientific evidence showing the universe came into existence due to intelligent causes rather than mere chance and necessity.
  • At the Smithsonian Institution, evolutionary biologist Dr. Richard Sternberg was harassed and then demoted after he dared to publish in a science journal another scholar’’s article highlighting the biological evidence for intelligent design.
  • At George Mason University, Dr. Caroline Crocker ventured to discuss intelligent design in one of her biology lectures. Her contract was not renewed and subsequently she has been unable to secure another position.

This discrimination is the key reason we started Discovery Institute’’s Center for Science & Culture more than ten years ago.

Discovery Institute is a non-partisan, non-profit research and educational organization that encourages the work of scientists who dare to challenge Darwin’’s theory on scientific grounds. We support research and writing by scientists who are questioning Darwin, we defend their academic freedom, and we expose efforts by Darwinists to shut down free speech. More specifically, we work to promote free speech on Darwinism by:

  • advocating academic freedom policies at the state and local levels to protect the rights of teachers and students to question Darwinism;
  • supplying practical help to teachers, students, and scientists who are being persecuted and harassed for their willingness to stand up for the truth;
  • working with reporters to inform them of the facts when scientists are persecuted;
  • providing daily news and analysis to tens of thousands of people through our online news service Evolution News & Views ( and internet radio program ID the Future (;
  • advancing Academic Freedom legislation through

But we need your help. We need to further publicize the assault on academic freedom against these scientists and scholars, because only when public opinion is informed will intolerant faculty and administrators be shamed into respecting the academic freedom of scientists who support intelligent design.

Support our work – If you appreciate our work and would like to promote sound science education policies, I invite you to join the Discovery Society. A donation of $300 or more gives you membership and “insiders” access to the exciting, culture-changing work made possible by people like you who are using science to bring positive change to their local community and our nation. The benefits of joining the Discovery Society are detailed here. If you cannot donate at that level, please consider giving what you can – a donation of any amount is appreciated.

Educate yourself – If you are unable to donate, there are still things you can do to help spread the word. Make sure that you are educated on the issues by regularly visiting, reading our Evolution News & Views blog, and subscribing to our ID the Future Podcasts. You can also order curriculum and other materials through our online store.

Stand Up for Free Speech – Across America, the freedom of scientists, teachers and students to question Darwin is coming under attack, you can help defend their freedom by signing the Academic Freedom Petition. If you have already signed the petition, please encourage your friends and family to do the same by forwarding this message to them.

We rely heavily on our friends and supporters to help us spread the word and expand our network – every little bit helps. I hope you will consider joining us in this important work!


Kelley Unger
Director, Discovery Society

Kelley Unger

Mrs. Unger directs the Center's new small donor initiative, oversees the grant proposal and reporting process, and manages development-related events and data. She holds a B.A. in Communication from Seattle Pacific University. She came to the Center in 2006 after 11 years at Seattle Pacific University, where she was most recently the Program and Budget Manager for the School of Psychology. She managed the program development and accreditation processes for three graduate programs and the undergraduate psychology programs. In addition, she managed a budget of over three million dollars.