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BNB Podcast: Vick Charges Speak to Our Humanity

Do animals have rights? Bioethicist Wesley J. Smith investigates this issue in light of the dog fighting scandal surrounding football star Michael Vick. Smith argues that the outrage generated by Vick’s alleged actions stems not from any violation of animal rights, but from the violation of his own humanity. Smith reasons that humans are the only conscious organisms in the universe, the only beings able to reason and choose. This sets humans apart from animals, and vests in them a responsibility to treat animals fairly. If Vick facilitated a sanguinary sport like dog fighting, Smith concludes, then Vick has cruelly abused animals and ignored the higher standard to which all humans are held accountable.

This podcast is based on Wesley J. Smith’s recent column that appeared in the Rocky Mountain News. All of Smith’s podcasts are available at Brave New Bioethics.

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