Discovery Institute Scientists Will Showcase Evidence Challenging Darwinism at Knoxville Conference

KNOXVILLE –— What is intelligent design and what scientific evidence supports it? Why is it so controversial? How does it differ from Darwin’s theory of evolution? Is there a purpose to the universe? What new scientific facts are turning evolutionary theories upside down? This one-day conference will answer these and other intriguing questions.

The emerging scientific theory of intelligent design is a hot topic at universities and research institutions around the world, and is now the focus of a day-long conference called Darwin vs. Design, coming to the Knoxville Convention Center on March 24th.

Join The New York Times bestselling author Lee Strobel and a panel of scientists and experts at the Darwin vs. Design Conference as they explain the evidence for Darwin’s theory of evolution and the emerging scientific theory of intelligent design Saturday, March 24th.

Featured speakers include:

  • Lee Strobel, journalist and bestselling author of The Case for a Creator.
  • Dr. Stephen Meyer, Director, Center for Science and Culture (CSC) at Discovery Institute, and co-editor of Darwinism, Design, and Public Education
  • Dr. Michael Behe, Lehigh University biochemist and author of the bestselling book Darwin’s Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution, and CSC senior fellow
  • Dr. Jay Richards, co-author of The Privileged Planet, and CSC senior fellow

Attendees will interact with intelligent design scientists and philosophers whose discoveries in cosmology, biology, physics, and DNA present astonishing scientific evidence that is overturning the evolutionary thinking of the past. Conference goers will hear firsthand the astounding implications these discoveries are having on our society, our politics and our culture.

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