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Wanting a Miracle: Can Both Teams Win?

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I was born in Chicago, and lived there until I was 11 years old. I went back there to go to college. I love Chicago, and I love the Chicago Bears. I have been an avid Bears fan for as long as I can remember.

When the Bears used to play at Wrigley Field, I went to a lot of games there. Later, when they moved to Soldier Field, I found a way to go to a game every year or two. The year they won the 1985 Super Bowl, I went to the first playoff game. We had to break the ice off the seats before we could put them down to sit on them. There were fans without shirts, their chests painted blue and orange. The band played “Bear Down, Chicago Bears.” I loved it.

It seemed too much to hope that they could get to the Super Bowl this year. Rex Grossman was unpredictable, and they had key injuries on defense. And yet they did it. Great joy.

On the other hand, I have lived in Indiana for more than 50 years, and I think that makes me a Hoosier. In recent years, I have had a number of opportunities to attend Colts games. It is easy to get to Indianapolis and, especially since Peyton Manning arrived, they have been great fun to watch. A couple of years ago, I got to visit their Indianapolis training facility, watch a workout and meet Bill Polian. He is a great guy.

The Colts are Indiana’s team. I am a Hoosier. I love the Colts. But it seemed unlikely that they could get to the Super Bowl. Their defense had trouble stopping the run, and they had key injuries. Besides, they had no chance to get past Baltimore on the road. And yet – they did it. They are going to the Super Bowl too. Great joy. All through the playoffs I pulled for the Bears and the Colts. When both won their conference championships, I felt as if I had hit the trifecta, twice in a row. Only lately has it begun to sink in – they cannot both win the Super Bowl. To say that I am seriously conflicted is an understatement. I want Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy to get Super Bowl rings. I want Brian Urlacher and Lovie Smith to get Super Bowl rings.

Is there any scenario in which the game could end in a tie, and all of them get Super Bowl rings? I don’t know, but in any event it’s not going to happen. Is there any solution to this predicament?

Until now, I have never been to a Super Bowl; however, I am going to this one. I go with a great deal of trepidation. How will I react? Who will I cheer for? Is it possible for a person to cheer and do high-fives with tears of despair running down their cheeks?

I don’t know – but I think I am going to find out.

Howard Chapman is a resident of Fort Wayne and an Adjunct Fellow of Discovery Institute.