Special Report: 10 Western Media Stereotypes About Russia

How Truthful Are They?

Uninformed Stereotypes Are Blinding Americans to Russian Business Opportunities, Says Discovery Institute

Seattle – “Are Americans being misled about Russia? Yes,” says Yuri Mamchur, Senior Foreign Policy Fellow at Discovery Institute, “All too often American media reporting on Russia is misguided by common stereotypes. The result is inadequate understanding of the true economic, social and political situation in Russia.”

The Real Russia Project of Discovery Institute sets the record straight with the release today of its special report, “10 Western Media Stereotypes About Russia: How Truthful Are They?”

Former Ambassador to the United Nations Organization in Vienna and current Discovery Institute President Bruce Chapman agrees with Mamchur: “Relying on old Cold War stereotypes ignores centuries of Russia’s history and shows a lack of curiosity about its future. Such indifference threatens to shut down imagination about potential business relations with Russia and her neighbors.”

The complete report debunks such misperceptions as:

Is the Russian media free?
Is ex-KGB agent Vladimir Putin establishing a dictatorship?
Did Putin really meet with Hamas?
Does the Kremlin support terrorist organizations?
Is Russia a safe place for Americans to invest?

The report, authored by Mamchur and available for download here in PDF format, succinctly answers these and other important questions.

To receive a copy of the report, or request an interview with Discovery Institute Senior Foreign Policy Fellow Yuri Mamchur, email him at or call (206)292-0401 ext. 151.