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Discovery Institute Statement on the Kansas Science Standards Situation

“The ‘Stand up for Science, Stand Up For Kansas’ educational campaign is intended to defend newly implemented science standards in Kansas from misleading and blatantly false campaigns of misinformation,” said Robert Crowther, director of communications for the Center for Science & Culture in response to criticism of Discovery Institute’s public education campaign.

“As we’ve reiterated previously, Discovery Institute does not get involved in electoral campaigns, and we do not endorse candidates,” added Crowther.

“Groups such as Kansas Citizens for Science are waging a campaign of misinformation, blatantly misinterpreting the new standards in three major ways,” said John G. West, associate director of the Center for Science and Culture. “For instance, they continue to advance the false idea that the teaching of intelligent design is an integral part of the new standards. It is not.” (see here)

“The real debate is about academic freedom – the freedom of teachers to teach more about evolution, and the freedom of students to learn more about evolution,” said Crowther. “Will students have the academic freedom to learn about the Cambrian explosion 530 million years ago and the challenges it poses to Darwin’s theory?”

“Critics of the standards are trying to censor science, they’re trying to stifle science, they’re afraid to let students learn about some of the problems with evolutionary theory,” added Crowther.

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