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‘ID’ Doesn’t Mean ‘Idiot’

Published in Hoosier Times

Being an intelligent scientifically literate person who has serious problems with Darwinian evolution has caused me countless moments of consternation.

I am frustrated with the dribble coming from anti-Christian people like Joan Ryan, syndicated columnist for the Times-Mail, and Eugenie Scott, professional Darwinian atheist. Reading Ryan’s column reminded me of a lecture Scott gave at the Indiana University Auditorium two weeks ago in Bloomington. I was not there as a journalist or Christian but as a future school teacher. While taking notes I became frustrated with the lies, distortions and half-truths of this woman who was so highly thought of by the highly paid professional Darwinian evolutionists in Jordan Hall. But then it hit me. I found out I am an ”idiot,“ not an enlightened intellectual as I thought, but I rather believe that the Earth is flat.

Atheists can lie.

I know what you are thinking. Don’t use the ”L“ word. But when Eugenie Scott said it is OK to believe in God, isn’t that kind of her, as long as it is not the God of the Bible, because fundamentalists believe the Earth is flat, that is just a lie. Back it up, I say. But to no avail.

Joan Ryan makes fun of Bible believers because of the Adam and Eve story in Genesis. That would, in and of itself, not bother me, but a common device used by Darwinian evolutionists is to insult, yet not offer alternatives. Words like ”wing nuts and boobs“ will get her good press, but she won’t tell you that she believes 3 billion years ago it rained on rocks and life sprung forth. Ouch. Spontaneous generation is back. Or try this: 14 billion years ago all the matter in the universe (yes, I have seen the Hubble pictures) was compressed into a mass smaller than the head of a pin. (Don’t laugh. People with those views make more money than us ”idiots.“) Then that mass unfolded into a rush of hydrogen. I’ll skip all the evolution of galaxies, star formations and the heavier metals. It all came from hydrogen rushing out. So you could say that not us ”nuts and boobs,“ of course, but the materialists, the really smart folk, all complicated life on Earth, evolved from hydrogen.

Scott said intelligent design theorists want ”ID taught in schools.“ This is just plain false. They don’t want it taught in schools yet because it is not Genesis rehashed, but a relatively new theory based on mathematics and science. It is not ready to be taught in public schools. What ID theorists want is to teach the problems with Darwinian evolution, the theory that all life today evolved from a common ancestor by natural selection. But be warned. If you dare to even raise a question, you will hear, ”Remember, this is science. We don’t want questions.“ You will be called every name possible except inquisitive.

Antony Flew, a world-renowned philosopher and former leading atheist, now believes in God because of the DNA complexity. What did atheist Scott say about him? ”Be careful, using him as an example, he’s getting older and, um, not thinking so clearly.“ What? If an intellectual now believes in God because of scientific evidence, he must be senile?

When you read in the New York Times front page article about creation versus evolution in the Grand Canyon, all the creationists have their religious affiliations noted. Why? To imply they are so religiously biased they can’t be open minded. The evolutionists don’t have to say they are humanistic materialistic atheists. Why not? People would then have the opportunity to know they are so biased they shouldn’t be taken seriously, either. Could you imagine the Times-Mail or New York Times article stating, ”Dr. John Smith, admitted atheist, says… .“ No. But those who scientifically critique Darwinian evolution are noted as religious and anti-evolution, as if that is discrediting.

Enough, already. ”ID“ stands for ”intelligent design.“ A creationist believes in a creator. Is evolutionist going to stand for liar and name caller? If not, then we need open an honest debate on the issues and not distortions of what the other believes. I have tried not to distort what Darwinian evolutionist currently believe (it will change, of course). But I don’t appreciate being called a flat-earther, idiot, nut or boob, unless it is backed up with evidence. Oops, I’m sounding honest and logical again. Where did I get that from? A 50-year-old science textbook, or a much, much older Holy Bible?

Wesley Stephenson is a resident of Bedford, a graduate student at Indiana University studying science education and pastor of Lovingway Apostolic Church.