Explosive Memo Reveals Darwinist Strategy for Kansas

Originally published at WorldNetDaily

This article, published by WorldNetDaily, discusses Senior Fellows of Discovery Institute's Center for Science & Culture:

This week, the leading lights of the Intelligent Design movement — Drs. Jonathan Wells and Michael Behe among them — will make their way to Topeka, Kan. There, they will make an appeal to the state's elected school board to allow in-class criticisms of Darwinism and its derivatives, which are now taught not as theory — not even as fact, actually — but as something close to dogma.

The ID advocates may very well succeed. The school board now has a 6-to-4 majority sympathetic to a rational challenge to Darwnism. What is more, in the six years since the evolution controversy first exploded in Kansas, the ID movement has done an impressive job refocusing the debate on science and logic and undoing the crude stereotypes under which all opponents of naturalism have had to labor since the Scopes trial.

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