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Today’s Fundamentalist Fanatics — As I See It

Published in King County Journal

Whenever skeptics on the theory of evolution suggest that school children should learn the basic arguments for “intelligent design”, the educational establishment loves to invoke memories of the famous “Scopes Monkey Trial” — suggesting that religious fanatics once again want to stop the free exchange of ideas or limit the range of scientific investigation. Actually, some 80 years after the famous legal battle in Dayton, Tenn., in which a high school teacher broke a law by teaching evolution, it’s the evolutionists who are fascistic and closed-minded.

Intelligent Design advocates don’t want to deny knowledge of Darwin’s theories to a knew generation; they want their ideas taught alongside evolution, not in place of it — and a Newsweek Poll shows that the public agrees by a more than two-to-one margin.

It’s now the Darwinians who’ve become the true fundamentalists — seeking to ban all questioning of the tottering theory they embrace with the fervor of religious faith.

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