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Where Does the Evidence Lead?

Modular classroom version of Unlocking the Mystery of Life

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Where Does the Evidence Lead?, like the documentary Unlocking the Mystery of Life from which it is derived, documents how scientists are abandoning naturalistic explanations for the origin of life and the universe and looking to theories of design for better answers.

This video modularizes the scientific information from UMOL into six individual 10- minute segments/lessons. Where Does The Evidence Lead? summarizes all the materials included in the original UMOL production in a incredibly “easy-to-view” and “easy-to-understand.” This student friendly format allows the viewer to quickly view and fully grasp the compelling scientific basis of Intelligent Design

  • Part 1 LIFE: THE BIG QUESTIONS A new challenge to the theory of natural selection.
  • Part 2 WHAT DARWIN DIDN’T KNOW Exploring the complexity of the living cell.
  • Part 3 MOLECULES & MOUSETRAPS Molecular machines that defy Darwin’s theory.
  • Part 4 HOW DID LIFE BEGIN? Why random mutation and natural selction alone cannot explain the origin of life.
  • Part 5 THE LANGUAGE OF LIFE DNA genetic information, and life on Earth.
  • Part 6 THE DESIGN INFERENCE The scientific evidence for intelligent design.

The video includes insightful interviews with leaders and scientists working on and reseraching the scientific theory of Intelligent Design including Paul Nelson, Stephen Meyer, Michael Behe, Scott Minnich, William Dembski, Jonathan Wells, Jed Macosko, Dean Kenyon, and Phillip Johnson.

Like UMOL, Where Does the Evidence Lead? uses state-of-the-art computer animation and microscopic photography of living systems to transport the viewer into the interior of the living cell to explore systems and machines that bear the unmistakable hallmarks of design.

If you have already seen Unlocking the Mystery of Life you will not find any new material in Where Does the Evidence Lead?, but you will find a great tool to introduce Intelligent Design in a classroom or small group setting.

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