Key Law Review Articles About Teaching Darwin, Design and the Origins Controversy

“Teaching the Origins Controversy: Science, Or Religion, Or Speech?” (PDF file) By: David K. DeWolf, Stephen C. Meyer, Mark Edward DeForrest Utah Law Review (2000): 39-110.

“A Liberty Not Fully Evolved?: The Case of Rodney LeVake and the Right of Public School Teachers to Criticize Darwinism.”(PDF file) San Diego Law Review 39.4 (Nov/Dec 2002): 1311-1325.

David DeWolf, John West, and Casey Luskin, “Intelligent Design Will Survive Kitzmiller v. Dover,” Montana Law Review, Vol. 68:7 (Winter, 2007).

“Science and Religion Twenty Years After McLean v. Arkansas: Evolution, Public Education, and the New Challenge of Intelligent Design.” (PDF file) Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy 26.2 (Spring 2003): 455-499.

Casey Luskin, Does Challenging Darwin Create Constitutional Jeopardy? A Comprehensive Survey of Case Law Regarding the Teaching of Biological Origins Hamline Law Review, Vol. 32(1):1 (Winter, 2009).

“Public Education, Religious Establishment, and the Challenge of Intelligent Design.” (PDF file) Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics, & Public Policy 17.2 (2003): 461-519.

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