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My friends at the Discovery Institute are publishing a monthly on-line newsletter, edited by moi, called The Human Exceptionalist.  It is the next step up for the Center for Human Exceptionalism, of which I am co-director.

As readers of SHS know, I believe that anti humanism is one of the major challenges of our time that cuts across a broad array of issues that otherwise seem unconnected–such as, say assisted suicide and radical environmentalism. I conceived the HE not as another vehicle for my personal commentary, but to present such stories in one place, juxtaposed to help people connect the dots that desperately need connecting.  Here’s an excerpt from my introductory note.  From The Human Exceptionalist, Vol. 1, No. 1:

Dear Exceptional Human:

Welcome to the first issue of The Human Exceptionalist, the Center for Human Exceptionalism’s monthly report on themany emerging threats to human dignity and equality.

Why The Human Exceptionalist now? Western Civilization, which depends on accepting the moral importance of beinghuman, has generated greater freedom and prosperity than ever before seen in history.  Despite this, very powerful and bounteously financed ideological forces in seemingly unrelated—but actually symbiotically connected fields—suchas bioethics, radical environmentalism, neo Darwinism, scientific materialism, animal rights, radical environmentalism, and futuristic transhumanism, assertwith mounting vigor that being human is morally irrelevant.

Not coincidentally, as the moral importance of human life has become increasingly marginalized, flora, fauna—and even nature itself—are seen increasingly as possessing rights equal to those of man. Some even go so far as to declare us to be the enemy of the planet itself!  Worse, these nihilistic views are communicated continually (and sometimessubliminally) by popular culture, in schools, at our most important universities, and by the media.

When faced with these subversive philosophies, too many people roll their eyes and say, “It can’t happen here.”  No more dangerous words were ever uttered.  As The Human Exceptionalist will show, it not only can happen here, it is happening now

Check it out and see what you think.  If you’d like to subscribe, hit this link.  No charge!  (Yes, you get much more than you pay for.)

Wesley J. Smith

Chair and Senior Fellow, Center on Human Exceptionalism
Wesley J. Smith is Chair and Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute’s Center on Human Exceptionalism. Wesley is a contributor to National Review and is the author of 14 books, in recent years focusing on human dignity, liberty, and equality. Wesley has been recognized as one of America’s premier public intellectuals on bioethics by National Journal and has been honored by the Human Life Foundation as a “Great Defender of Life” for his work against suicide and euthanasia. Wesley’s most recent book is Culture of Death: The Age of “Do Harm” Medicine, a warning about the dangers to patients of the modern bioethics movement.