Metamorphosis Audio Clips

These audio clips in .mp3 format are designed for use in audio promotion of the documentary film Metamorphosis.

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Metamorphosis Audio Clip 1 (0:25) – Stream | Download (right-click)
Narrator Alvin Chea highlights cell death and transformation within the chrysalis.

Metamorphosis Audio Clip 2 (0:42) – Stream | Download (right-click)
Scientist Paul Nelson states that it’s highly unlikely natural selection would retain a destructive process like cell death.

Metamorphosis Audio Clip 3 (0:38) – Stream | Download (right-click)
Narrator Alvin Chea and Paul Nelson discuss the limits of natural selection.

Metamorphosis Audio Clip 4 (0:15) – Stream | Download (right-click)
Paul Nelson suggests that the only cause capable of producing metamorphosis is intelligence.

Metamorphosis Audio Clip 5 (0:21) – Stream | Download (right-click)
Paul Nelson explains how intelligent design is the best possible explanation for metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis Audio Clip 6 (0:22) – Stream | Download (right-click)
Paul Nelson discusses how humans have been astonished at the butterfly since antiquity.

Metamorphosis Audio Clip 7 (0:33) – Stream | Download (right-click)
Narrator Alvin Chea on the marvel and mystery of metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis Audio Clip 8 (0:30) – Stream | Download (right-click)
Scientist Ann Gauger discusses the amazing feat of not one but two transformations in the butterfly life cycle.

Metamorphosis Audio Clip 9 (0:29) – Stream | Download (right-click)
Professor Thomas C. Emmel on the amazing transitions during the process of metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis Audio Clip 10 (0:36) – Stream | Download (right-click)
Paul Nelson and Ann Gauger on the richness and mystery of metamorphosis.

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