Douglas Gresham Video

The Lewis Legacy-Issue 86, Autumn 2000 The C.S. Lewis Foundation for Truth in Publishing

by Perry Bramlett, Louisville, KY

The new Douglas Gresham video is out, cost $19.95, Vision Video (Gateway Films, web site, Box 540, Worcester, PA 9490, 1-800-523-0226… Running time is about 45 minutes, filmed at DG’s home in Leighlinbridge, County Carlow, Rathvinden House… Front of video cover: The Christian Catalyst Collection from the 20th century, picture of DG on front, in black sailorish cap and turtleneck, inset picture of DG on back…

“The amazing pilgrimage of C. S. Lewis’ stepson” on front cover; on back cover: “They made a difference! An ongoing series featuring 20th century Christian leaders and communicators whose lives and ministries have had significant impact.” Douglas Gresham – Remember that heart-wrenching scene of the little boy in the attic with C. S. Lewis in “Shadowlands”? That was Douglas Gresham, stepson of the legendary Lewis. Find out what happened to Douglas and what he absorbed about life and Christianity from Lewis, one of the great communicators of the faith of the 20th century. From his house in Ireland, Douglas tells the story of his fascinating journey across continents and through life, the crises that brought him to faith and the passion that drives his life now. A special addendum is the story of his wife Merrie. She tells of her decision to secretly abort the child of her unwanted pregnancy when she was a youth. She explains how this was a key factor that led her and Douglas into a unique pro-life ministry that they carry on from their huge home that is open to guests from everywhere.

Douglas is interviewed by Derick Bingham, the Scottish minister who recently published C. S. Lewis – The Storyteller. The film is about equally divided between Douglas & Merrie. There are several photos of Lewis, one good one of the Kilns, and many from Australia, Tasmania, and from Merrie’s early days; Many of these are not in Lenten Lands and are presumably from the Greshams’ private collection…

Douglas gives some anecdotes about Lewis but the film is mostly about him and what happened to him after Jack’s death; he goes into no details about how he came to work for the Lewis estate, except in very general statements, and he mentions his brother only briefly… He never mentions his father or his time in America… Merrie’s account is primarily about her conversion after an abortion. We see the front of the house and one shot at the back with Merrie feeding chickens with the family dog (but are not given a tour), a few kitchen shots, and one or two shots with young guests at the kitchen table…