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House OKs SR 99 Tunnel – News & Commentary


Cascadia’s Bruce Agnew Discusses Tunnel Approval, & Cost Issues, KIRO-FM 97.3, Dave Ross Show, 4/28/09

Seattle Tunnel Would Be The World’s Widest,” Daily Journal Of Commerce, 4/24/09

Cascadia’s Bruce Agnew interviewed on Tunnel Decision, KOMO 1000 AM, Seattle, 4/23/09


Lawmakers Approve Viaduct Tunnel,” Seattle P-I, 4/24/09

Viaduct Tunnel Bill Passes Legislature,” KING5-TV, 4/24/09

Should Yakima Pay For DOT Project Overruns?, Seattle P-I, 4/24/09

Viaduct Proviso May Be Toothless,” Seattle Times, 4/24/09

Deep Bore Tunnel OK’d For Viaduct, With A Dig From Chopp,” Seattle Times editorial, 4/23/09

Deep Bore Tunnel Clears WA House; ‘Sigh Of Relief,’ Says Transportation Chair,” Oregon Public Broadcasting, 4/23/09

Will Controversial Viaduct Change Pass Senate?” Seattle P-I, 4/23/09

State House Approves Tunnel to Replace Viaduct,” Seattle P-I, 4/22/09

House Approves Plan To Replace Viaduct With A Tunnel,” Seattle Times, 4/22/09

Deep Bore Tunnel To Replace Viaduct Passes House,” Puget Sound Business Journal, 4/22/09

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