Jonathan Witt, Senior Fellow - Center for Science and Culture
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Articles by Jonathan Witt

Jonathan Witt, Ph.D., is a Senior Fellow and Senior Project Manager with Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture. He is co-author of A Meaningful World: How the Arts and Sciences Reveal the Genius of Nature (2006) and Intelligent Design Uncensored: An Easy-to-Understand Guide to the Controversy (2010), as well as a contributing author of Traipsing into Evolution: Intelligent Design and the Kitzmiller vs. Dover Decision (2006).

Witt has written scripts for three documentaries that have aired widely on PBS: The Privileged Planet, The Birth of Freedom, and The Call of the Entrepreneur. The latter of these three also aired on Fox Business and has been translated into Spanish, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, German, Polish, French, Portuguese and Slovak. (The Slovakian government has made it required viewing for Slovakian high school students.) He also has written scripts for two Acton Media DVD curricula carried by Zondervan, including Effective Stewardship, and served as the lead writer for The PovertyCure DVD Series.

He is also the lead writer for Acton’s upcoming documentary on enterprise solutions to global poverty, scheduled for release in 2013, as well as the lead writer for the PovertyCure initiative, which includes a content-rich website, more than 750,000 Facebook followers, and a network of some 180 poverty-fighting organizations from around the world.

Witt’s academic essays have appeared in such periodicals as Touchstone, Crisis Magazine, Philosophia Christi, The Princeton Theological Review, The Flannery O'Connor Bulletin, and Oxford’s Literature and Theology. His opinion pieces have appeared in The Seattle Times, The Kansas City Star, Science & Theology News, Breakpoint, and The American Spectator; and his fiction and creative non-fiction in the literary journals Windhover and New Texas. He blogs on politics, economics, and culture at Acton’s PowerBlog.

Witt also has been interviewed by numerous regional and national radio programs, including Janet Parshall’s America, Janet Parshall’s In the Market, Hank Hanegraaff’s Bible Answer Man, Janet Mefferd of the Salem Radio Network, and Family News in Focus. He is a regular annual speaker for Discovery Institute’s summer seminar on science and culture and for Acton’s Toward a Free and Virtuous Society conference and Acton University. He also has spoken at universities on a range of topics connected to political and economic freedom, cultural renewal, and the arts.

Witt previously served as a tenured professor of literature and writing. He has a Ph.D., with honors, in English and Literary Theory from the University of Kansas.