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What is Human Exceptionalism?

Discovery Institute's program on human exceptionalism examines a constellation of related issues, including assisted suicide and euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, human genetic manipulation, human cloning, and the animal rights movement. Many of these issues are currently at the center of public attention.

Senior Fellow Wesley J. Smith is Discovery's most active contributor to bioethics. Mr. Smith, a prolific author, activist, and former Ralph Nader co-author, has become one of the nation's leading advocates for the value and sanctity of human life. His most recent book, Consumer's Guide to the Brave New World presents a clear-eyed vision of two potential futures: In the first, biotechnology will be a powerful tool to treat disease and improve the quality of our lives. But in another, darker scenario, we will be steered onto the path that Aldous Huxley and other prophetic writers first warned against fifty year ago, before science fiction became science fact. Two of his other books, Forced Exit and Culture of Death, examined assisted suicide and the biomedical industry respectively. Mr. Smith is currently working on a book critiquing the radical animal rights movement. At the same time, he maintains an active schedule as a public speaker, while publishing several related stories and editorials per month, and blogging daily at Secondhand Smoke.

Senior Fellows Jonathan Wells and John G. West are additional contributors to this program.

Besides supporting the research and publication of related books, Discovery Institute's program on bioethics encourages public speaking and debates, radio and television interviews, short articles and op-eds by Fellows. The Institute also holds public conferences and policy briefings for state and national legislators on these important issues.
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