Interview: George Gilder on Knowledge and Power

Ed Driscoll
PJ Media
July 2, 2013
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Ed Driscoll from PJ Media interview's George Gilder on his newest book, Knowledge and Power. An excerpt of the article is below, but to review the article in full, visit

“Wealth is essentially the accumulation of knowledge,” George Gilder tells me in our new interview. “It requires that government get out of the way, that government not be a noisy force in the economy, distracting entrepreneurs from their creative purposes toward government goals and government distractions.”

In his new book Knowledge and Power, the veteran technology author and futurist writes, “Socialists believe their mission is to seize capital for the masses. But the great secret of capitalism is that, detached from a capitalist, there is no capital.”

As Gilder adds during our interview, “You know, we have the same material resources that the cave man, the Neanderthals in their caves had the same natural resources that we have today.  The difference is the knowledge that’s accumulated.”