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Intelligent Design Theory and the Fossil Record

An Interview with Günter Bechly, a paleontologist at the Biologic Institute in Austria
  • 00:06 | What is your area of research interest?
  • 00:34 | What made you doubt the widely accepted neo-Darwinian explanation?
  • 02:15 |Is there really a multitude of indirect forms in the fossil record confirming the gradual emergence of new species?
  • 03:23 | Was the “sudden” appearance of new forms of living organisms during the so-called Cambrian explosion an individual event in the history of life on Earth?
  • 04:40 | Is Darwinism a good explanation for this phenomenon?
  • 05:55 | Is intelligent design theory religious?
  • 07:49 | What is the difference between microevolution and macroevolution?
  • 09:10 | What is the so-called lack of time problem that you are currently researching?