One Scientist's Journey from Darwin to Design
Featuring Drs. Matti Leisola and Jonathan Witt
The Tradition Independent Living Building - Dallas, TX
Did God Need Darwin?
Featuring Drs. Stephen Meyer, Ann Gauger, J.P. Moreland, and others
Biola University - La Mirada, CA
Intelligent Design Education Day - Seattle
Featuring Drs. Günter Bechly, Stephen Meyer, Richard Sternberg, and Brian Miller
Seattle Pacific University - Seattle, WA
Intelligent Design Education Day - Dallas
Featuring Drs. Günter Bechly, Stephen Meyer, Mike Keas, and Brian Miller
Park Cities Baptist Church - Dallas, TX
Westminster Conference on Science and Faith
Theistic Evolution: Why or Why Not?
Proclamation Presbyterian Church - Greater Philadelphia, PA
CSC Summer Seminars 2018
Educating the next generation of scientists and scholars
Seattle, WA

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