Summer Seminars

Summer Seminars

2021 Center for Science & Culture Summer Seminars

Seminar Topics

The 2021 CSC Summer Seminar program will include two seminars offered concurrently: the Seminar on Intelligent Design in the Natural Sciences, designed for students and professionals in the sciences and the history and philosophy of science (details here), and the C.S. Lewis Fellows Program on Science and Society, designed primarily for students and professionals in the humanities, social sciences, law, and theology (details here). Both seminars begin with the same core curriculum, but towards the end diverge to focus on more specialized topics.

Format & Dates

This year’s program will be comprised of three key components:

  1. Self-paced online curriculum (June–July)
    • Includes special video lectures, readings, and discussion boards with fellow participants
  2. Online discussions with seminar faculty (June 25–26, July 2–3, and July 9–10)
    • Hosted via Zoom and featuring Discovery Institute scientists and scholars
  3. Capstone weekend (July 15–17)
    • Includes live lectures and discussions with key Discovery Institute Fellows
    • If local COVID-19 ordinances allow, U.S. participants will be invited to join the capstone weekend in the Dallas area
    • Due to current travel restrictions, international participants (and certain U.S. participants whose circumstances may prevent travel) will be invited to join the capstone weekend online

Application Requirements

The Summer Seminar program is designed primarily for upper-division undergraduate and graduate students, but each year we also reserve spaces for a cohort of professors, scientists, teachers, pastors, and other professionals.

Student applicants must be college juniors or seniors or already in graduate school. Professional applicants may be postdocs, professors, scientists, teachers, pastors, or other professionals. Space is limited and admittance is competitive. Those who apply earliest may receive priority consideration.

The most recent application period has ended as of April 30, 2021. Please check back in January for the 2022 application period.


There is no application fee or tuition, and those admitted to the program will receive digital course materials free-of-charge, including books, articles, and other resources. U.S. participants who will also be attending the capstone weekend in the Dallas area will be provided with lodging, meals, and the ability to request a need-based travel scholarship towards airfare.

How to Support the Program

Help us educate the next generation of scientists and scholars!

If you know of students who may be good candidates for this program, please help us by referring them to this website and encouraging them to apply as soon as possible.

Also, please consider making a special donation to help fund the cost of the seminars. Your support of the Summer Seminar program will allow us to educate a new generation of scientists, scholars, and educators who have the desire, the vision, and the determination to breathe new purpose into the scientific enterprise and influence its self-understanding in ways that will benefit both science and humanity.

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