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The government expansionists have had their eyes on the Internet ever since Al Gore claims he invented it. Of course, the Feds’ DARPA did help birth the Internet, but there is no reason why Washington now should imitate the Iranian mullahs or the Chinese and start restricting access and imposing financial or technical controls.
It is not just because the technology is new that it has made such a huge contribution to our economy; it’s also because the new technology has been relatively unfettered by the government.
The whole subject of federal regulation re-emerges in a major way in coming weeks. Watch this space.
Meanwhile, Mark Landsbaum of the Orange County Register (in a column that I missed when it first came out) is among those trying to sound the alarm about losing freedom on the Internet.
Take note before they take it away.

Bruce Chapman

Cofounder and Chairman of the Board of Discovery Institute
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