Democracy & Technology Blog The Israel Test: a Substitute for the Ad Campaign Israel Needs?

John Wohlstetter is prejudiced in his praise of The Israel Test; he’s a friend of the author, George Gilder. Of course, a review by an author’s friend has never happened anywhere else, has it?
Regardless, John is a friend and colleague of mine, too, and I know what he does when he disapproves of a friend’s views: he goes silent. This article in The American Spectator is, in fact, a very good introduction to the George Gilder’s book.
The best lines are these, at the end:
Israel could be the economic engine for the entire Mideast. This is the new Israel, no longer a financial ward of America. It is this Israel that most Americans know not of. “Israel Inside” would be a great slogan for an ad campaign educating Americans about the new Israel, and its supreme value to America and the West. In lieu of an ad blitz, Gilder’s book does the job beautifully.
Israel does need an “ad campaign” right now because its foes seem to have a great many people intimidated. George is fearless. His book goes where many media voices seem afraid to go.
See also this interview in National Review online, with Kathyrn Lopez. The Daily Telegraph’s Stephanie Guttman just blogged her review, available here.

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