Democracy & Technology Blog North Koreans May be Attacking U.S. Cyber Sites

What George W. Bush named “The Axis of Evil” included Iraq, North Korea and Iran. Iraq is relatively, if perhaps deceptively, quiet, but Iran is “hot” and North Korea seems bent on getting into our faces whether we want to see them there or not. This AP story by Lolita Baldor should push the federal government–as well as the private sector–to greater defensive action. Computer security is national security, and in that light it is worth noting that cyber attacks have increased almost three fold in three years.
This is the kind of story that, in retrospect, may be seen as a lot more significant than what is daily emphasized in most of our hedonistic, anesthetized media.
Both hardware and software defenses are being evaluated and, in some cases, mounted by the feds, as well as by OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and the private companies that purchase their products. But the general public is still in the dark about all this. There doesn’t seem any over-riding interest in computer security options yet. But that may be about to change.

Bruce Chapman

Cofounder and Chairman of the Board of Discovery Institute
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