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Breach the cyberwalls

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Breach the cyberwalls

Congress could increase funding for organizations which enable foreign citizens to breach Internet firewalls operated by closed society regimes, according to Senator Arlen Specter (D-PA).
The money would aid groups like the Global Internet Freedom Coalition, maker of the FreeGate software described by Nicholas D. Kristof:

… small enough to carry on a flash drive. It takes a surfer to an overseas server that changes I.P. addresses every second or so, too quickly for a government to block it, and then from there to a banned site ….
E-mails sent with it can be encrypted. And after a session is complete, a press of a button eliminates any sign that it was used on that computer

The coalition is running out of server space, and a Washington Post editorial notes that a $50 million appropriation would enable it to provide access to 100 million distinct users every day — as opposed to something under 1 million users now.