Our Irreducibly Complex Calcium Control System


On this episode of ID: The Future, Dr. Ray Bohlin interviews Dr. Howard Glicksman about the irreducible complexity of the human calcium control system. Glicksman is a medical doctor and author of an extended series of posts at Evolution News & Science Today called The Designed Body

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A Journalist Misreads Intelligent Design. A Nobel-Prize Winning Scientist Backs It.


On this episode of ID: The Future, Evolution News & Science Today editor David Klinghoffer takes issue with the suggestion that conservatives tend to view science as “a kind of fakery,” and that they embrace intelligent design primarily out of religious, anti-science motives. Continue reading

A Whale of a Tale: Cetacean Evolution, Pt. 2


On this episode of ID the Future, Ray Bohlin and Jonathan Wells explore what it would take to build a functional whale from a land mammal, and the bear of a problem Darwin faced. Continue reading