Wesley J. Smith on Human Cloning Hidden under Jargon

On this episode of ID the Future, bioethicist Wesley J. Smith speaks with host Dean Abbott about the arrival of human cloning. While significant barriers remain that will slow its development as far as human-cloned babies and adults, ethical constraints still depend only on scientists’ restraint — a “thin reed to stand on.” Continue reading

Wesley J. Smith: Human Cloning, Human Exceptionalism, Human Rights (and Wrongs)

On this episode of ID the Future, Dean Abbott hosts Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Wesley J. Smith in a conversation about human cloning, human exceptionalism, and human rights. Continue reading

Bioethicist Wesley J. Smith Dissects the “Anti-Science” Label


On this episode of ID the Future, Casey Luskin talks with bioethicist Wesley J. Smith about a recent article he wrote at First Things. In this article, Smith responds to an accusation that he is “anti-science” for suggesting that science should have ethical boundaries. Listen in as Luskin and Smith discuss how the “anti-science” label, along with similar terms, is often used to try and suppress dialogue and protect scientific orthodoxy.

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