Defending Critical Analysis in Cross-Examination: Dr. Stephen Meyer Answers Questions in Texas


This episode of ID the Future features Dr. Stephen Meyer responding to his critics during a questioning period before the Texas State Board of Education last month. Listen in as philosopher of science Meyer cuts through the rhetorical strategies in this debate Continue reading

Chemist Charles Garner on Chemical Evolution


On this ID the Future podcast, Chemistry Professor Charles Garner from Baylor University testifies before the Texas State Board of Education about the need to teach students about both the scientific strengths and weaknesses of evolution. Dr. Garner specifically focuses on chemical evolution, emphasizing some of the scientific weaknesses in theories of a natural chemical origin of life, and encourages that evidence to be taught in Texas science classrooms.

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Biologist Ralph Seelke Speaks Out in Support of Teaching the Controversy


Biologist Ralph Seelke is one of the scientists who aren’t supposed to exist; he’s skeptical of Darwin’s theory of evolution. As a professor at University of Wisconsin-Superior, Dr. Seelke tests what evolution can actually do. Continue reading