Chapman’s News & Ideas Tired of Living? Donate Your Organs

The Dutch are about to adopt a binding law to allow–no, encourage–the harvesting of organs of people who are euthanized. (They are way past mere “assisted suicide” in the Netherlands.) There are a number of supposed protections in the proposed policy to keep people from being pressured to die in order to donate their organs, but those protections are the sort that have a way of evaporating in practice. That is especially true once the elderly, sick and/or depressed understand–or are made to understand–that their seemingly unsatisfactory lives can be redeemed by premature death.

And, in some cases, the decision can be made for them.

Do you think you are worthless? Think again! You probably have a heart, liver, kidneys, or whatever that someone else might be thrilled to possess! And the government is all behind you if you decide, or are helped to decide, to make it happen.