Depressed black teenager thinking family problem, young age disa
Depressed black teenager thinking family problem, young age disappointment

Affirmative Action is a Symptom of Our Failing K-12 Education System

Once again, the Supreme Court is set to review race-conscious admissions policies, this time those of Harvard University and the University of North Carolina. Though I don’t favor affirmative action policies, I would argue that both proponents and critics of affirmative action overlook a far more important issue: the failure of America’s K-12 education system, which creates the wide educational disparities affirmative action is intended to remedy in the first place. Read More ›

Behind Virginia’s CRT Governor’s Loss

When you tell people that something they see right before them does not exist, you lose their vote. That's what Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe did as he campaigned for governor, and, no surprise, he lost. If Democrats continue on this course in 2022, they'll lose again. Read More ›