Chapman’s News & Ideas Missile Defense? In Mothballs, as Danger Grows

The Los Angeles Times reports that a multi-billion dollar plan to save the U.S. from a nuclear missile attack–a danger growing greater with the passage of time–is a flop.

This is the topic no one wants to discuss. The Reagan Administration promoted “Star Wars” until a nuclear agreement was reached with the Soviet Union. But Russia has revived nuclear war talk, and North Korea boasts of its technology and putative interest in bombing us. Iran today is the preview of what could happen among trigger-happy countries in the Middle East.

America needs missile defense. That should be high on the debate topics as the country gets ready for what will be a grueling Presidential election. It was considered feasible in the 1970s when the ABM (Anti-Ballistic Missile) Treaty was signed. It was old technology, but do-able. Why not now? The U.S. is not going to nuke anyone, but we cannot count on reciprocal restraint, can we?