Chapman’s News & Ideas Jews Murdered, But “Extremists” Are on Both Sides?

It is terrible enough that the murder of four rabbis and a policeman at a synagogue in Jerusalem was welcomed with dancing in the streets of Gaza. But the strange coverage in the New York Times by Jodi Rudoren is so disappointing it borders on Orwellian.

We learn “That blood splattered the victims’ prayer shawls and holy books underscored growing indications that extremists on both sides are turning the stalemated battle over territory and identity into a full-throated religious war.” Really, both sides?

When Israelis murder a Palestinian, they are prosecuted. When Palestinians murder Israelis they are praised by Hamas and excused by other Palestinian leaders.

But in the Times’ telling, Ms Rudoren quotes Ghasan Khatib, vice president of Birzeit University in the West Bank: “I think Israel is to be blamed more than the Palestinian side in this particular situation.”

It is true that the terror is “intimate” and a “war of neighbors.” But there are differences, and the New York Times doesn’t carer to see them. No Nuances that are Fit to Print.